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Thread: Registration Questions? Click here.

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    Question Registration Questions? Click here.

    This is for REGISTERED USERS (those who have purchased the software)

    Firstly, if you have ordered and have not received your registration ID, you can try to retrieve it here, provided there were no typing errors in the order form:

    If anyone is having problems registering their software for the first time, and is getting an error such as the one below:

    Online activation failied,reason[can't resolve hostname to IP address] - try again later

    Please try registering using the offline method.

    You will need two things: your Registration ID (which you already have) and your offline computer's unique User ID.

    To get the unique computer User ID:
    Open the 1Click application on your offline computer. To access the registration window, click on the "?" button. At the bottom of the registration window, you should see the computer's unique User ID.

    When you have those two pieces of information, you can create your offline activation code right here:

    Here are the steps to register your copy of 1Click offline:

    Open the 1Click application. Access the registration window by clicking on the "?" button. Copy and paste your 17-digit Registration ID in the top frame of the registration window of 1Click. Then, copy and paste your 32-digit activation code and click on the "Unlock" button next to the activation code.

    If this does not work, OR you are getting an error message saying "This program is already registered on another computer" then you will need to email

    If you have any other questions, please post them in a new thread

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    Exclamation Registration - How many computers?

    We have adopted an online registration model similar to the registration model used by most large software companies to protect their intellectual property (yes it does sounds a bit ironic if you consider the use of our product, but fair use is a legitimate argument). Products like Windows XP and Norton Anti-virus are examples of software using this kind of this model.

    When you purchase our software, you are granted a license to use the software on a single computer. The registration process is designed to ensure compliance and does allow for a change in hardware or updating of the operating system.

    Each time you update to a new version, you must register the software again online (or obtain an offline Activation Code via internet or our customer support folks). Provided you haven't installed the software on more than one computer, you should never have a problem registering a new version.

    If however you have installed the software on more than one computer and you continue to update more than one computer, you'll definitely run into a problem as each computer has a unique ID and this ID is counted as a registration.

    If you register more than one computer, the ID will be overwritten and as such, will show that the software has been installed on more than one computer.

    We have had situations where we were willing to bend the rules depending on the circumstances and as a result, the message may have gotten a bit confusing, but we reserve the right to go out of our way to help customers in unusual circumstances to maintain the use of their software.

    I hope this helps to clarify the registration issue for those who were not sure how it works.


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